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by gradenko

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Entropie 05:25
Entropie (Entropy) Hast du bemerkt (Did you notice) Wir haben immer Wege (We always have ways) Mit meiner Hand auf der Tür (With my hand on the doorway) Mein Kopf lehnte sich auf meinen Arm (My head leaning on my arm) Sie sind heute morgen weggegangen (You left this morning) Das Frühstücksgericht zurückgelassen (The breakfast dishes left behind) Die Hintertür ist offen (The back door is open) Der Staub setzte sich noch nicht (The dust not yet settled) Vielleicht zu spät (Perhaps too late) Ich steige die Treppe hinab (I descend the stairs) Links und rechts die Straße entlang (Left and right down the street) Sehen, aber nicht sehen (Looking but not seeing) Beleuchtung einer Zigarette auf dem Herd (Lighting a cigarette on the stove) Dann blickte er aus dem Fenster (Then gazing out the window) Der Schnee fällt immer noch langsam (The snow still falls slowly down) So wie es immer ist (Just as it always has)
Botschaft 05:13
Botschaft (Message) Der kälteste Winter liefert (The coldest winter delivers) Meine Botschaft an Sie (My message to you) Ich warte auf Ihre Übertragung (I wait for your transmission) Gedämpft durch Schnee (Muted by snow)
Unterricht 05:00
Unterricht (Lessons) You must always learn your lessons well
Überland 06:16
Überland (Overland) ‘An die Sonne’ (To the Sun) - read by Ingeborg Bachmann
Morgenröte 04:27
Realisierung 05:59
Myriade 08:02
Myriade (Myriad) Schwach...(Feeble)... Verworfen...(Discarded)... Kopfsteinpflaster...(Cobbled)... Lächerlich...(Ridiculous)... Heiter...(Serene)... Organisiert...(Organized)... Melancholie...(Melancholy)... Herzlichst...(Heartfelt)... Beschwipst...(Tipsy)... Geglättet...(Smoothed)... Verlassen...(Deserted)... Heulen...(Howling)... Schneebedeckt...(Snowcapped)... Kochen...(Boiling)... Gerundet...(Rounded)... Hergestellt...(Fabricated)... Verjüngt...(Rejuvenated)... Festlich...(Festive)... Schrecklich...(Horrifying)... Gitterrost...(Gridded)... Unmöglich...(Impossible)... Gefeiert...(Celebrated)... Eingetragen...(Incorporated)... Glitzernd...(Twinkling)... Würdig...(Worthy)... Angemessen...(Reasonable)... Graustufen...(Greyscale)... Teuer...(Expensive)... Verstreut...(Scattered)... Sinnvoll...(Meaningful)... Selten...(Seldom)... Weise...(Wise)... Tollkühn...(Foolhardy)... Wirbeln...(Swirling)... Endlos...(Endless)... Gottähnlich...(Godlike)...
Come to Bed 05:39
Come to Bed Cold and dark evening Here the world can't get in The only light the firelight Throws its ghosts against the night Come to bed, here it's warm Keep you safe from the storm Winter's rest, day's end Come to bed, my friend I'll be your waiting harbor light If you can't see, your second sight I'll take away your pain Won't have to face It again


Review by Potter’s Field Music Mix Tape:

When Ty Hodson asked if I would like to listen to his latest project, I felt honored to be included as a member of one of the only few people to listen to the work. I have come to know and appreciate his music first through his performances with Armchair Migraine Journey (AMJ) and later discovering his other worldly dreamscapes as square_wave, though Ty has performed in and out of bands throughout the ‘90s. As part of AMJ, he shifts from heavy thumping percussionist as heard in the opening of “Rebirth Blood ΩM” to cool, precision-based time-keeper in tracks like “Infernal Machine.” square_wave, on the other hand, serves the purpose of exploration in electronic techniques and sound structures, providing peaceful, meditative ambiance. Receiving an early copy of Gradenko’s 'Novi Nori', then, provides a different story, and a whole new adventure in listening to Hodson’s ever expanding career.

At the opening of 'Novi Nori' I felt that Ty accidentally sent me the wrong files. “Entropie” left the immediate first impression that maybe I received some obscure lo-fi German synth-pop music he had laying around in his hard-drive and mistakenly sent me that file rather than the new project. But as I listened, there was revealed that distinct marker—the precision-based time-keeper holding the number together. It was distinctly Ty as it felt much in line with that aforementioned “Infernal Machine.” I am then left wondering, who is this amazing band he is playing with?

'Novi Nori' emerges from a dream of a band that should have existed decades ago, solely in the mind of Ty Hodson. It sounds like something that could have been placed on record shelves in the 1970s only to find itself collecting dust until being rediscovered, repurposed, and re-popularized by a later generation of audiophiles, much like the cyclical interest in krautrock. Although this is fresh and new music, its roots are clearly clung to a celebration of past artists, structures, and techniques.

Ty composed 'Novi Nori' with only the 1970s in mind. He wanted to create an experience where Gradenko is yet another one of those bands in the line of greats, such as Neu!, Harmonium, Faust, Brian Eno, Dieter Moebius, and, lest we forget, Kraftwerk. And, somehow, within such great company, we missed the music of Gradenko. How did we miss it? Why haven’t we heard this before? Who is this wonderful Gradenko that I’ve been hearing others talk about?

Limiting himself to the use of analog synthesizers, guitar, bass, and drums, Hodson successfully stirs that act of misdirection making it seem as if it was always there before and we just missed it. “Botschaft” sounds robotic and hints to a life that has normalized by routine and shares that homage with the themes of those early pioneers of electronic music, while “Unterricht,” immediately reminding me of “Ohm Sweet Ohm,” is supported by a computerized voice chanting its lines as the listener is carried through a corridor in zero gravity floating toward an exit that only leads one to the emptiness of space.

Other highlights that must be mentioned include the hopeful “Überland” that opens aggressively like a newfound Neu! track, and later breaks out in synth keys that emphasize the joy of life. The percussion, too, is so enthusiastic! Certainly, one can play along to the song as if they were performing with Neu!, but there is so much to celebrate in life, so much opportunity for joy, that aggressive drum fills are needed to share along with that exhilaration. Further supporting this joy is the vocal recording of Ingeborg Bachmann reciting [her poem] “An die Sonne.”

Moving away from such a high paced, energetic piece as “Überland,” a peaceful transition materializes in the track “Morgenröte.” The song feels like it should be accompanied with a fresh cup of coffee while watching the sky change color as the sun rises. “Realisierung” may be the most Legendary Pink Dots inspired number as it feels like a more subdued and, perhaps, more listenable "The Brightest Star.”

The album closes with the only song done in English, and it is a fine closing for the record, like a fine closing to a spectacular day. “Come to Bed” lulls the listener to a place that is “warm,” and a place that is “safe from the storm.” The toms, guitar, and organ are rhythmically enchanting while we welcome the closing of a day. Only in peace, and in bed, may we find the opportunity to open our eyes to a new day of mystery and enlightenment.

For a new solo effort, 'Novi Nori' is an impressive accomplishment. Originally rising out of the depths of imagination, Ty Hodson plays at an auditory sleight of hand where what one thought they heard may not be what they heard at all, and if it was, where has this record been all of our lives? The record succeeds at creating an experience where what we are listening to has been hidden from us all of these years and has only now emerged as something new and fresh, though it may be eons old.

Randall Frazier (Orbit Service) mastered the record, and Chris McBeth (AMJ, Beta-lactam Ring Records) fine-tuned the artwork. So, keep an eye out for 'Novi Nori', and experience the magic of discovering a krautrock album for the first time all over again.

All the best,
Chris (Potter’s Field Music Mix Tape)


December 1st 2020 marked the 3rd anniversary of gradenko’s 1970s-inspired electronic Krautrock album: NOVI NORI.

To celebrate the occasion, the bandcamp edition of the album was updated to include a bonus track of the entire album with the original crossfades intact. Hear NOVI NORI as it was originally intended to be presented, and read along with the newly posted lyrics!

Simply re-download the album to obtain the bonus track. If you have yet to pick up NOVI NORI, you can now name your own price.


released December 1, 2017

All songs written and performed by gradenko
Recorded Feb/Jun 2015 & Nov 2016-Feb 2017 at sublevel9 studios
Mixed and Produced by Ty Hodson
Mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room

Ty: photography, design, layout
Chris: photo treatment

Thanks to Prajna, Chris, Randall

(c) 2016 Ty Hodson / sublevel9 studios
(p) 2017 Thousands of Tiny Warriors (ascap)


all rights reserved



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